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Judith Quinn Barnett

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Artist Statement

"It can be said that artists probably get more pleasure from portrait painting than any other kind of art'" - William Merritt Chase

I've noted that most artists try portrait painting at one time or another and some succeed but most give it up.  Painting for clients is certainly more demanding and it takes an attitude on the part of the artist that is responsive to people.  I have enjoyed the profession for forty years and have made many friendships as a result.


I have studied the portrait painters from the past and absorbed, I hope, the methods and procedures that work for me.  Too often today, portrait painting has become little more than photographic retouching. A portrait should, of course, be a truthful representation but the process has overtaken the art in too many cases. If it looks too much like a photo - it probably is.  I want to produce a work of art true to the profession as practiced by Sargent, Sorolla , Zorn , Beaux, and Chase. I paint from life on a regular basis to keep my skills in tune - just as a musician must practice daily to keep in form.

An avid plein-air landscape painter and an advocate of alla prima techniques in portrait and and still life, I have a love of seeing the brush stroke.  It shows the artists' skill and best represents their knowledge without aid of photography.

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John Howard Sanden
Everett Raymond Kinstler

Daniel Green

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